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The Forbidden Floor - Tome 1  (Romans) posté le dimanche 16 décembre 2012 18:35

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Around the rock'n'roll band JAPAN ROAD, there is a madness without precedent. They arrive in France to make the promotion of their last DVD and the capital does live only with the sound of German rock'n'roll!

The fans organized themselves to camp in front of the Royal Monceau. Jenny and Cécilia reserved a room in this hotel. Manon, who had an affair with the guitarist, hides in the crowd to see him again. Anaïs Parïs, who datesthe singer, joined him, taking care to keep their relationship a secret. The whole hotel is on the rush. Security is to the max. And the band arrives, ready to make the teenagers dreaming.

During these three days, will some secrets be revealed ? Will some feeling be acknoledged ? Hopes, lost or found ? Dreams, broken or came true ?


The autor discovered the band Tokio Hotel during her holydays in Sweden, the summer 2007 et meanwhile, she entered in the special universe surrounded the band. The following year, she immerged herserf in the TH World and after many travels, conversatios with fans and exchange with the band's management, she came to write this book.

More than the will to share her experience, the writer wanted to explain to people from outside this world why Tokio Hotel fans are so passionnate. Why the band means so much to them and why they are ready to do everything for these four boys from Germany.

Beyond a story about a rock band and how the show business is working, this novel deals with subjects such as independance, friendship, liberty, love, tolerence, respect, realizing our dreams and pass over the forbiden things.

Throught the chapter and the differents characters' point of views, we discover how much the whole new generation feels bad on this world where nothings goes right, where everybody juge the other non-stop and where no body is here for his fellow.

But maybe when you'll close this book, you will see rather how this new generation found a way to feel good, how she learnt to live every second thanks to a rock band who scream them some love songs and whisper they are always here for each of them...


The illustrations in the novel are made by Alena Godievich et Lykan.


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The Forbidden Floor - Tome 1

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